Everyone’s got two sides just like a book. People have the cover and then the story on the inside. Think of all those people that you’ve passed by not even giving them the decency of a hello and a smile because of they’ve had dirty cover and missing out on the beautiful scripture on the inside missing out on the poetry and calligraphy in there book. Think twice before looking at someone and judging them by there looks,skin color, or weight. Because you never who they are,what they’ve been threw , or who they will be.

(via hector-roman)

MOTUS-translates to movement in latin thats what the basis of this series was, to cause and create pravocative thoughts inside the viewers heart and mind to show no matter what anyone says, you are you and thats enough you’re perfect the way you are to cause a sense of peace fullness in ones heart, now its completed….. on to the next one ;)